Incremental-Static Regeneration (ISR)

The Next.js-specific line `export const revalidate = 30` has been added to the code for this page, which tells Next to perform cache invalidations for this page, but wait at least 30 seconds between them.
This means that its content is EITHER retrieved from the cache OR generated at run-time whenever the user requests the page, depending on the invalidation and elapsed time.

This is slower than a static site but it is capable of updating.

Try it by updating the note here and refreshing this page.

This is the content of that note, according to this page rendered with ISR:
Change this text!  Bleh!!!
And this is the value of "lastUpdated" for the note:
Wed Apr 10 2024 16:53:14 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The pseudo-code for this page is:
ISR code